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BtVS Hush

Challenge 282

Challenge 282

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Comm/Site: BtVS_Hush
* No text (including text brushes)
* No telling anyone which is yours until after winners are posted.
* No posting anywhere else until after winners are posted.
* Only enter newly created icons.
* You provide images for Theme challenge. BtVS images only.

Challenge A (click for full size):



Challenge B:
bh282-1 bh282-2 bh282-3

Challenge C:
This week's theme challenge is: Little Bads - The weekly bad guys, but not the season-long bad guys (ie, no Mayor Wilkins, Adam, Trio, etc.)

You can make up 9 icons, 1 per image, and 3 for the theme.
All submissions are due by 8pm ET on Tuesday, September 2nd
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    • If there is existing text in the screencap, you don't have to remove it. Don't emphasize it, but you don't have to avoid it.

      You're just not allowed to add any text to your icon.

      Edited at 2014-08-28 10:00 pm (UTC)
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