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New Affiliate

I am very excited to announce a new project that rua1412 and I have been working on:

Come join comicsontv_ic, a new icon challenge community, for all your favorite live action comic book shows!

P.S. I know we still need a new mod for this community. One of the people who expressed interest never responded to my follow up, so we're still looking.
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On Hiatus - Looking for new Mod

I will close out the current round that is in voting on schedule, but after that...

I'm afraid that the time has come for me to pass this community along to someone else. As much as I have enjoyed running it, the time has come to move on.

If you are interested in taking over, please leave a (screen) comment or PM me. I'd prefer to pass the reins over to someone with modding experience, or at least someone who enters icon contests and is familiar with the process.
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Challenge 283

* No text (including text brushes)
* No telling anyone which is yours until after winners are posted.
* No posting anywhere else until after winners are posted.
* Only enter newly created icons.
* You provide images for Theme challenge. BtVS images only.

Only 2 challenge this week.

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