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BtVS Hush

Challenge 276

Challenge 276

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Comm/Site: BtVS_Hush
LJ's scrapbook has been finicky tonight, so I just want you to know that all images were displaying when I posted them.

* No text (including text brushes)
* No telling anyone which is yours until after winners are posted.
* No posting anywhere else until after winners are posted.
* Only enter newly created icons.
* You provide images for Theme challenge. BtVS images only.

Challenge A:



Challenge B:
bh276-1 bh276-2 bh276-3

Challenge C:
This week's theme challenge is: Dawn

You can make up 9 icons, 1 per image, and 3 for the theme.
All submissions are due by 8pm ET on Tuesday, June 17th July 1st
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