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Comm/Site: BtVS_Hush
Only two people entered Challenge 257 so I'm going to extended it for one week.
  • I've never entered a challenge before - if I make an icon to match a prompt, how do I send it to you?
    • Submit it as a comment to the challenge. All comments are screened. There's an example for how to submit on the community profile page.
      • In your example the url is on LJ. So is it ok to make icon for challenge, post to my LJ and use that? or can/should url come from photobucket where I store them?

        Hope it's ok to ask, I don't want to disqualify myself! Thanks for your help.
        • You can upload it in your LJ scrapbook as long as you don't display it publicly (like in a post in your LJ). But Photobucket would be better.
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